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Private Pottery throwing or hand-building workshops offer students a chance to experience the joy of working with clay, or the space and tuition needed to build on their existing skill set.


Workshops are held with a maximum of two (2) people, giving each student the best opportunity for personalised teaching attention.  


Please email if you would like to book a bespoke session, with the workshop structured around what you would like to learn. 



Most pottery workshops are run with between five (5) and 10 people over approximately two (2) hours.  This workshop is unique, it offers a small, intimate group of two (2) people, allowing personalised attention to the students.  Lessons are able to be student-centric, allowing them to make something they desire, or focus on a particular skill set, rather than just the run-of-the-mill lesson.  

After a two-hour morning session, students break for an organic lunch, catering to all dietary needs, served in the courtyard.  This is followed by the afternoon session where participants can hone skills for the afternoon. 

On completion of the session, five creations will be carefully selected by students in consultation with the teacher. These will be finished, fired, and glazed so that they can be kept forever. 

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