terms  & conditions

  1. Payment
    • All classes must be paid in advance as per the advertised/ agreed rate.

    • Clay and materials are charged on top of class fees and must be paid at the time of purchase.

    • Payment can be made in cash, via EFTPOS or online through PayPal or Stripe

  2. Enrollment and attendance

    • Students are enrolled on a term by term basis on a designated day and time

    • Students are expected to attend the class at the designated time .

    • Students who prepay and miss a class, due to illness or unavoidable circumstances, are able to make the missed class during the term in which the class was missed.

    • Arrangements must be made with the teacher regarding which make up class they are able to attend.

    • Students are requested to notify Kara Wood Ceramics of non-attendance prior to a class occurring.

    • The studio will make every effort to accommodate a student to make up a missed class.However KWC will not be responsible if the student consistently does not attend the class they are enrolled in and is unable to make up all classes at an alternate time.

    • Students who attend class will be noted as attending the entire class.

  3. Safety

    • Students are requested to show respect to fellow students at all times during class.

    • Students are to attend class in a fit state and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both illegal and legal that may impact on the student’s welfare and the welfare of other students.

    • Kara Wood Ceramics (KWC) retains the right to request any student who is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to leave the class.

    • All students are to comply with any safety request and safe operating procedures implemented at Kara Wood Ceramics

    • Students are asked to notify Kara Wood Ceramics of any safety issues they discover during their attendance at class

    • Students are asked to clean their work space and any equipment they used during class prior to leaving at the end of class.

    • Students are asked to store away any equipment not being used and keep the studio clean and free of any hazards during and prior to leaving class.

  4. Work

    • Students are requested to show the utmost care to other students work whilst in the workshop.

    • Students are requested not to touch or handle other students work, unless absolutely necessary.

    • Each student is to use their purchased clay only when making work.No student is to use another student’s clay unless they have gained specific permission from the person who owns the clay.

  5. Gift Certificates

    • General gift certificates are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

    • Specific gift certificates are valid for the event for which they were booked.

    • The holder of a general gift certificate must book into a workshop prior to attending.

    • Once a workshop is booked normal booking terms and conditions apply.

  6. Booking terms and conditions

    • Attendance to both term classes and workshops must be booked and paid in advance.

    • KWC reserves the right to refuse any student to attend a workshop or class.

    • KWC will use contact information provided at time of booking to keep students up to date on any course information.KWC is not responsible if a student does not receive information due to incorrect contact details provided or because they cannot or do not access emails as per the address provided.

  7. Cancellation Guidelines

    • KWC cannot be held responsible for any changes in personal commitments or work commitments once a class or workshop is booked.

    • KWC reserves the right to alter any of the published arrangements, either before or during the course, or to cancel or terminate a course.

    • Workshop cancellation:

               Up to 14 days  prior

  • A $30 administration fee will be charged if a workshop or class is cancelled 14 days prior to the start /     programmed        date; the balance of the fee will be refunded

    Between 13 and 7 days

  • A credit note will be issued, less a $30.00 administration charge, or the participant may  send a replacement to take their place.

     Less than 7 days’ notice –

  • No refund or voucher will be issued.

  • The participant is able to send another attendee in their place to fill the space in the workshop. 

  • Kara Wood Ceramics must be notified if a replacement is attending

            Class attendance withdrawal.

  • KWC cannot accept responsibility for changes in student’s personal circumstances or where students change their mind about the class they have selected.

  • A student may request to change to another class due to a change in personal circumstances and if possible KWC will make every attempt to accommodate the request.Changes are only possible if a space exists in an alternate class.KWC cannot make a space become available and so may not be able to accommodate a student’s request.

  • If KWC is unable to accommodate a change in day / time the following conditions apply:

    • If the student cancels up to 4 weeks into the term a $30.00 administration fee will be charged plus

      • The student is liable to pay for class fees until a replacement student can be found to fill the position.

      • If a replacement is found immediately a minimum of one weeks class fee will be charged in addition to the $30.00 administration fee.

      • The student will be refunded the balance of their term fee once a replacement student is found.

  • If a student withdraws 4 weeks after class commencement, they will be liable for the full term class fees and no refund will be issued.

8. Other

  • Kara Wood Ceramics reserves the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions.Students will be notified should this occur.

  • KWC reserves the right to adjust, cancel or postpone classes/courses if necessary. Classes/courses will be cancelled or postponed if insufficient numbers of students are enrolled. Full refund of fees are payable if classes/courses are cancelled by KWC.

  • Fee Refunds may take up to 10 business days from date of cancellation by KWC.